Photo Releases

We must have photo releases signed before we can use submitted photos on our website, social media, etc. So anyone that appears in the photo, if they are recognizable, must sign a release.

In addition, by submitting the photos, you declare you have the right to use the photos. If you take the photos yourself, you clearly have those rights. When someone else takes a photo, they own the rights to the photo as the creator of that photo. There are exceptions. Contact us if you are not sure if you have the rights.

Download releases here:

Photo Release
Release for minor child (under 18)

If you can scan them back in, you can email them to us at info @ Or you can mail them to:

Attn: Marketing
Sugar River Trading Company
1029 River St Ste A
Belleville, WI 53508

Remember when you send photos in to label who the people in the photos are!