McNess Recipes

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With the help of Melinda Grayson, we are putting together the McNess Recipe website. Unlike a number of online websites, when you click on a recipe on this site you jump right into the recipe. You don’t have to scroll down a long storyline interspersed with ads in order to find the actual recipe.

Since Melinda is known as a baker, and we do happen to have what we believe the best vanilla blend on the planet, we started out by concentrating on desserts. We will be adding other recipes (main courses, salads, etc.) to the mix. But for now, please enjoy these wonderful treats.

And if you have a favorite recipe that you’d like to share, let us know. Although Melinda is helping put this together, we know that our McNess customers comprise some of the best cooks and bakers on the planet. Please let us know about the recipes you’re willing to share!

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