McNess Aromatic Compound and Chemotherapy

We have found that a number of patients in chemotherapy have been buying the McNess Aromatic Compound to help with nausea issues that are a result of the treatments. We originally heard of this when one of the patients called in to ask about the label which states not to take the Aromatic Compound for more than a few days. We assured her that there was nothing in the product that could cause a problem over time, the ingredients are all natural with no side effects. The warning is on the label simply because we don’t want people to be masking symptoms where they wouldn’t go to a doctor when they should. Obviously for chemotherapy patients, this is not an issue.

And the word must be getting around because we are hearing from people placing orders that they want it because they are in chemo. We have even been sending Aromatic Compound to patients overseas. So the people must be talking amongst themselves, this article is the first time we’ve mentioned this in any public way. 

And let us be clear, we are not making any claims that the Aromatic Compound is a treatment for anything. The ingredients that make up the compound are commonly used and recognized to sooth upset stomachs and issues like diarrhea. So some people are finding it beneficial as a supplement. We have no testing to verify that this is universal for everyone. 

We do sell a lot of the Aromatic Compound to the Amish communities who appreciate the natural ingredients. We assume that the McNess name, around since 1908, is another reason that they trust the product. You can find McNess Aromatic Compound listed in catalogs from the early 1920s. 

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