McNess Soil Remover Cleans Gooey Residue on Hard Surfaces

McNess customers are confident to share that the McNess Soil Remover is the best product on the market for removing stains on clothing. Whether you have oil and grease, a berry or juice stain, or other problems that other leading brands can’t clean, the McNess Soil Remover has the ability to work when others simple don’t. 

But, have you ever tried the soil remover to clean a hard surface?

If you have a gooey residue on a hard surface, or perhaps a sales sticker on an item that you bought from the store a year ago that just won’t come off, McNess Soil Remover just might be the solution to your problem. Spray directly on the problem area, let it sit for a minute or longer, and then wipe it away. Now depending on the issue, it might take a little effort to scrub off, but we think you will find this works better than that orange goo stuff you might buy (and it smells a lot better!) 

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