Dessert Mixes are in Production

They’re finally on their way. The dessert mixes are in production and we’re shooting for a July launch, barring any unforeseen circumstances. As many of you know, this has been a long, laborious process. We’ve had a number of different companies working with us to produce these and it seemed like Murphy’s Law kept derailing us. If we went through all of the details, this would be a book instead of an article.

One of the problems we had was the inability to find someone to produce the lemon “tablets” that were made of pure lemon oil that were traditionally added to the lemon dessert mix. Our solution is to add pure lemon oil right into the mix. And you can tell when you open up the top, that smell of real lemon permeates the air!

Just like the lemon dessert uses pure lemon oil, the chocolate uses real cocoa (three kinds of cocoa as a matter of fact) and the coconut uses real coconut flakes. These are the traditional style pudding and pie mixes, made on the stove top, these are not instant mixes. Add your own sugar and milk or water. Eggs are often added for additional thickness, especially in pies. 

You’ll notice that the coconut has the traditional spelling of “Cocoanut Dessert Mix”, with an “a” in the cocoanut name. This is a throw back to the original McNess desserts from the early 1900s. The first lemon mix was made in 1919, the chocolate followed within a couple years and the cocoanut soon after that. 

We’ll soon be taking pre-orders. (Make sure you’re on our email list to be notified of when pre-orders are available.) 

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